The Results area displays result data for assessments accessible by the logged in user. Aggregate results and related charts are displayed for the selected assessment along with a list of respondents associated with the assessment.

Viewing Assessment Results

To view results, select an assessment using the dropdown at the top of the screen to display associated results and data charts.

Filter the Results Display

To view assessment results subsets, a number of filtering options are available to find and access data sub-sets. Using the data filters located on the left side of the screen, the result data displayed in the list can be limited.

Data filters are presented in two categories:

  • Status filters  - filter result data by score status of passing, failing (non-passing), or incomplete.
  • Score filters - show results associated with the selected score range.

Data filters can be combined to display result data using multiple criteria. For example selecting both the non-passing and incomplete status filters displays only the score results that meet both conditions for the selected assessment.

Interactive Charts

Both the doughnut chart and bar chart in the Results area are interactive. Selecting an area of the donut chart or a bar in the bar chart will automatically display the selected results by applying the selection as a result data filter.

To view details for any results listed, select the magnifying detail icon located to the right of the individual result. 

Additional Data Analysis

Selecting the Tools icon in the upper right corner provides access to additional data analysis, export and management options.