All of the messaging and button labels displayed when taking an assessment are presented in the English language by default. This can easily be changed using Brillium's Assessment UI tools. Assessment administrators and authors can use Brillium's Assessment UI utility to customize the respondent user experience to deliver assessments in any language.

Brillium Assessments can be created in most any language. Naturally, it is desirable to present all of the navigational controls, messages, and buttons in the same language.


  • Assessment UI modifications do not affect affect or change the assessment content (i.e topics or questions).
  • When making changes to the assessment UI, it will change the presentation of all assessments within the current account Workspace only.

Change the Language for Assessment Buttons, Labels, and Messaging

  1. Select Assessment UI from the Settings (gear) icon
  2. Select Translate
  3. Choose the desired language
  4. Select Translate to apply the changes


If you have previously made changes to any Original Labels, you will be prompted to either:

  • Keep My Changes - Your Changes will override the translation of the Original Label, but any labels not previously changed will be translated in the selected language; or 
  • Delete My Changes - translation will override Your Changes, and the Original Label will be translated in the selected language.

Because of linguistic variations across regions, and that the language selections available through Brillium may not work for all situations, any assessment UI element can be individually customized further

Modify Assessment UI Elements

  1. Select Assessment UI from the Settings (gear) icon
  2. Select the label to change under the Original Label column
  3. Edit the label under the Your Changes column
  4. Select Save


The Assessment UI Your Changes column will accept limited HTML, including style tags and links. Button labels, and some text, can be removed from being displayed by replacing the text in the Your Changes column with word NONE in all caps.