Deliver Tangible Value With Your Assessments Using a Customized Certificate

When designing the overall assessment experience, a key goal is to deliver something of value to your respondents (students) at the end of the test, exam, or survey.  This could be delivered in the form of feedback, a report, or a certificate of accomplishment.

Brillium includes basic certificate designs, but often, assessment authors want to customize certificates to match their program colors or company brand. Brillium provides options that allow assessment authors to create customized certificate backgrounds that better represent their brand, unique colors, or specialized design layout.

Assessment Builder - Certificate Tab

Brillium's Assessment Builder allows you to define the rules and options that will produce the intended assessment process (from the respondent point of view). The Certificate tab is where you can define one of the "value" items mentioned above, in the form of a certificate, either printable at the end of the assessment or delivered via a link in an email (or both).

To present a downloadable/printable certificate at the end of an assessment, select an assessment and select the Certificate tab. This presents a number of options described below:

Brillium Certificate Data and Design Elements

  • Presentation - select the conditions by which the certificate will be presented. a Certificate can be displayed on the Feedback summary screen at the end of the assessment, or a link can be sent via email (which dynamically creates the certificate when selected). Options include the ability only allow the certificate to be available depending on the score achieved.
  • Template - select the report or certificate template to use. This selection determines the "type" of certificate (or report) and the "printed size." Brillium supports both US Letter and A4 certificate sizes.  This option also allows the selection of a report called the Assessment Review Report as an alternative to a certificate of achievement. This report displays a review of the questions, answers selected, and score information. Once this option is selected, a customized certificate background can be applied with the Background option (below).
  • Name - enter the certificate name in this field. This describes the subject of the achievement and is commonly displayed as something similar to  "HR Training - Module 1". 
  • Logo - this defines the logo to appear on the certificate. A file can be selected if a logo has been uploaded to the Files area, or a web link to a file can be selected.
  • Background - the background defines the actual graphical design of the certificate. While the paper size was selected in the Template dropdown list, this is where the actual design is selected for the certificate associated with this assessment. Background designs can be uploaded to the Files area in JPG or PNG format. Alternatively, the background image can be defined through a web link.
  • Additional Information - if presenting a downloadable/printable certificate at the end of an assessment is important, the Certificate options allow the upload of a custom certificate design and a range of settings to fit most any purpose. Choose the template size (US Letter or EU A4), and upload a background design.
  • Internal Reference - enter any internal reference to appear on the certificate. This will appear in small type toward the lower left portion of the certificate.
  • Date Format - this determine the format of the date displayed on the certificate.
    • yyyy, yy - displays the year: "2021" or "21"
    • MMMM, MMM, MM- displays the month or number: "June", "Jun", or "06"
    • d, dd, ddd, dddd - displays the day: "2", "20", "Sun", or "Sunday"
  • Examples:
    • MMMM d, yyyy = "June 20, 2023"
    • yyyy MMMM d = "2021 June 23"
    • dddd MMMM d, yyyy = "Sunday June 20, 2023"
    • ddd yy MMM d = "Sun 21 Jun 23"
    • MM-dd-yy = 03-02-23
    • yy.dd.MM = 23.20.03
    • yy.d.MM = 23.2.03
  • Signature - to display a signature on the certificate, select the signature image. Signature images can be uploaded to the Files area in JPG or PNG format. Alternatively, the signature image can be defined through a web link.
  • Signature Name - to display a signature name in text form, enter the text in this field.
  • Email Template - if the Presentation option selected includes "Email", select the email template to use when sending score summaries that include a link to the certificate. This option allows respondents that are unable to download or print a certificate at the time the assessment is completed to complete it later.


Logo or Background images that are accessed via a web link are not stored in Brillium. These images are accessed "on-demand". Once an image is deleted from its source, it will no longer appear on new or re-created certificates or reports.

Design a Custom Certificate Background

Any design can be used as the background for a certificate. When doing so, it is important to ensure that the design "fits" the certificate template size being used. This ensures that the image will not be distorted or stretched when the certificate is generated.

Background Design Templates

To help with design, we've created templates that mark out the general areas where certificate data will appear to ensure the design does not interfere with text and images. These templates provide helpful guidelines for certificate design, but do not intend to limit the design.

US Letter Certificate Design Template (PSD)

US letter Certificate Design Template (PDF)

A4 Certificate Design Template (PSD)

A4 Certificate Design Template (PDF)

Blank Certificate Templates

If the resources to design templates are not available, download the blank certificate templates below. These can be uploaded to the Brillium Files area for use with Assessments.

Download A4 Background (Alt-Blue)

Download A4 Background (Modern Blue)

Download US Letter Background (Alt Blue)

Download US Letter Background (Modern Blue)


Images can cover the entirety of the background, although it is recommended that opacity be set low enough to that the text can easily be read.

Modify Certificate Text Elements

Text elements that appear on the certificate, but is not defined on the Certificate tab of Assessment Builder, can be modified suing the Assessment UI tools.  These elements include:

  • "This certifies that"
  • "has successfully completed"
  • "Certificate Code"

To change these elements, refer to the knowledge article: How to Customize the Assessment UI


The Assessment UI tools allow much of the text and button labels to be easily modified.  However, the Assessment UI tools are "global" to the current Workspace. This means that modifying Assessment UI settings will affect all assessments within the Workspace.


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