Each Workspace has customization options that include setting a Time Zone and defining the Privacy Policy via a web link. This Privacy Policy link will appear for each Respondent when they take an assessment that resides within that Workspace.

To comply with policies and/or regulation, a Privacy Policy link can be customized from within Workspace settings. In cases where multiple Privacy Polices are required, additional Workspaces can be created to provide a unique policy link for specific respondent groups.

Customizing a Workspace with a Privacy Policy Link

  1. When logged into Brillium Assessment Builder, select the Settings icon (gear icon)
    Settings icon image
  2. Select Workspaces from the dropdown menu that appears.
    Workspaces from Settings menu
  3. From the Workspaces screen, select the Workspace for which you wish to define a Privacy Policy link.
  4. Select Settings from the menu that appears.
    Selecting Workspace settings from the Workspace menu
  5. From the Workspace Settings screen, enter the complete Privacy Policy web link in the "Privacy Policy Link" field.
    Entering a privacy policy link in the Workspace settings screen
  6. Select the Save button to save the changes.