Comments are associated with questions and provided by respondents when answering assessment questions that have Comments enabled.

Comment Object

Object Properties

Property         Type Description
Id Integer The unique Id for the Comment
QuesId Integer The Question Id associated with the Comment
RespId Integer Unique Respondent Id associated with the Comment
Scalar Properties
Text String The Comment text
Type String The Comment type; Unknown, Essay, Comment
Navigation Properties
Uri String The fully qualified URI for this resource.
RelatedUris String/String Dictionary The list (dictionary) of related URI’s for this resource.

Comment API Calls

Retrieving a Single Comment

The following API call will retrieve a single Comment by Id.


Sample – HTTP GET


Sample – JSON Response

		  "Comments": [
			  "Id": 0,
			  "RespId": 8255,
			  "QuesId": 10284,
			  "Type": "Essay",
			  "Text": "Very informative and helpful.",
			  "Uri": "http:\/\/\/api\/Comments\/0",
			  "RelatedUris": null
		  "Page": 1,
		  "PageSize": 50,
		  "TotalCount": 1,
		  "HasMore": false