Zapier is Now Embedded in Brillium Assessment Builder

Assessment Builder 9-Dot Menu showing Zapier Integration

If you use Zapier to transfer Brillium data to any of the over 5,000 application integrations Zapier supports, we have great news for you!

Zapier is now directly accessible from the Brillium 9-dot menu. For Zapier users, this enables quick access to all of your "Zaps" directly from Brillium Assessment Builder.

Simply log into your Zapier account, and start connecting Brillium to any of the thousands of ready-to-use Zap templates or create your own.

This is especially helpful for Brillium customers, including:

  • Quickly create Zaps for new assessments
  • Test Zap Workflows and check success in real time
  • Re-run failed Zaps
The new embedded Brillium Zapier page

Starting in the beginning of December 2022, we will begin rolling out this new feature to all customer plans that support Zapier integration. There is nothing you need to do to gain access, simply enjoy the new feature as soon as it appears. If you have not yet started using Zapier, we encourage you to give it a try. There is a free tier that you can use to get started right away. For more information, visit the Zapier pricing page.