New Modern Email Templates Beta Testing!

New Email Templates showing light and dark mode views
In our modern and fast-paced digital world, where instant messaging and chat apps dominate as the most common forms of communication, the humble email often finds itself relegated to the sidelines. It's easy to overlook the significance of email's continued development and influence amidst the array of real-time communication tools. However, there are moments when email shows its true strengths, highlighting its power to convey structured information with more finesse and style than a few words and an emoji.

As our email templates have long been focused on compatibility over style, we wanted to redesign them as part of our effort to kick off a wider modernization initiative across the entire Brillium platform. We aim for these new result notification designs to revolutionize how you communicate with your assessment audience.

We've carefully considered how these designs not only direct the eye to the most important information but also communicate more effectively, ensuring more clarity in the data presented.

Mobile Design

In crafting these template designs, we prioritized mobile devices and ensured that light and dark modes can match your recipients' desktop preferences when supported by email clients. These templates represent more than just a visual upgrade; they acknowledge the persistent value of email communication despite the rise of real-time communication.

What's New

Our new templates boast several exciting features tailored to better meet your assessment communication needs:

  • Modern Design: Say goodbye to mundane emails. Our templates elevate the presentation of data, ensuring key information shines through effortlessly.
  • Score and Point Values: Providing feedback has never been clearer. Display scores in both percentage values and points, offering users a comprehensive view of performance.
  • Light and Dark Mode Support: Embracing the dark side—or the light. Our templates seamlessly adapt to email clients that support dark mode, ensuring readability in any environment.
  • New Dynamic Template Field: Introducing the [ASSESS_LOGO] field, a dynamic field that incorporates your assessment logo into the email template, reinforcing brand identity and adapting to the needs of each assessment.

Dynamic Fields

These templates are truly dynamic, adapting to each assessment attempt and displaying data for each specific instance. The dynamic fields within the template include assessment attempt data, company name, and the assessment logo. We've endeavored to include every detail that may enhance user experience.

Beta Invitations

Now, you might be wondering, "How do I get my hands on these awesome templates?"

We want these templates to undergo rigorous testing to identify opportunities for further improvement. To achieve this, we're inviting a select and diverse group of customers to participate in our beta testing phase. For this group, it's a chance to be at the forefront of innovation, shaping the future of assessment email communication.

The feedback we receive during this period will be invaluable as we fine-tune and perfect these templates for a wider release.

This is Just the Start

Let's face it, communication is key. Why settle for the ordinary when you can embrace the extraordinary? Here, we begin to redefine and redesign Brillium, along with all the components that make up the tools our customers use to monitor, measure, enhance, and improve human knowledge and development. We're starting with the art of email communication, one template at a time.