Brillium 2022 API Update Requirements

Brillium 2022 includes important security enhancements, which require changes to the Brillium API configuration. This blog article explains the changes, and provides information required to re-enable the Brillium API.

Following the upgrade to Brillium 2022 (v11), customers using the Brillium API (or integration platforms like Zapier) will need to re-enable and update the API password, security token, and authorization token(s) used with external applications and integration platforms. To re-enable the Brillium API, the following steps will be required:

  1. Enable the API
  2. Create a new API Password
  3. Create a new API security token
  4. Generate a new Authentication/Authorization HTTP Header token (if applicable)
NOTE: Beginning with the Brillium 2022 (version 11) release, Brillium Workspaces no longer play a role in API authentication, and the related knowledge articles have been update to assist users and developers.

API Configuration requirements
Customers using the Brillium API or integration platforms like Zapier will need to re-enable and update the API password, Security token, and HTTP authorization token(s) (if applicable). Starting with Brillium 2022 authorization tokens no longer use the primary Workspace ID, the API Password, and the Security Token.  The Workspace ID must now use: ASSESSMENTS-API.

Because of these changes, the Brillium 2022 upgrade will automatically disable the API, to ensure new API Password and Security tokens are properly configured within the system.

To help customers developers properly update their API configuration to work with Brillium releases after Brillium 2022 (version 11), we have created a knowledge article titled "Brillium 2022 - Post Ugrade API Configuration" and updated the "Getting Started with the Brillium API" Knowledge article accordingly.

Additional API Documentation and Information
To assist developAdditional API Documentation and Information has recently been added and updated to the Brillium Support Portal.  The following API knowledge articles have been  recently added or updated: Stay Informed
Brillium 2022 is the initial release of a wide range of planned updates that are aimed at expanding and modernizing the Brillium platform. The following resources will help Brillium customers and developers stay informed about new and forthcoming Brillium udpates.