Email Templates are associated with a particular Brillium Workspace. The settings, subject, and body text of an outgoing Brillium email are applicable when associated with an assessment.

Email Template Object

Object Properties

Property         Type Description
Id Integer The Id of the Email template.
AccountId Integer The unique Workspace ID for the associated Email Template
Scalar Properties
Body String The email template body
DateCreated Date The created date
DateModified Date The last modified date
Format String The template format; Html, PlainText
FromEmail String The email "From address" assigned
FromName String The from name assigned to the template
IsShared Boolean Whether or not the Template is shared
Name String The template name
ReplyTo Integer The "Reply to" email address assigned
Subject String The subject assigned
Type String The template type; All, Invite, InviteReminder, ResultsRespondent, ResultsAdministrator, ResultsSupervisor, ConnectInvite , ProctorNotification , ProctorResults.
Navigation Properties
Uri String The fully qualified URI for this resource.
RelatedUris String/String Dictionary The list (dictionary) of related URI’s for this resource.

Email Template API Calls

Retrieving a Single Email Template

The following API call will retrieve a single Email Template by Id.


Retrieving all Email Templates for a Workspace

The following API call will retrieve all Email Templates for the entire Workspace hierarchy.


Sample – HTTP GET


Sample – JSON Response

		  "EmailTemplates": [
			  "Id": 42,
			  "AccountId": "SUPERSUDS",
			  "Type": "Invite",
			  "IsShared": true,
			  "Name": "Assessment Invitation - Rob Shared",
			  "FromEmail": "",
			  "FromName": "",
			  "ReplyTo": "",
			  "Format": "PlainText",
			  "Subject": "Assessment Invitation - [ASSESS_NAME]",
			  "Body": "Below you will find the Web address required to sign into the 
				 [ASSESS_NAME] assessment.  In most email software, you will be able to click on    
				 the link provided below to navigate to the sign-on page.  If your email 
				 software does not support this functionality, please enter the link manually 
				 (or copy and paste) into your browser (starting with \"http\").  Once on the 
				 sign-on page, enter the required information and click on the Login 
				 button.\r\n\r\nAssessment Web Address:\r\n[INVITE_URL]\r\n\r\nGood 
				 luck!\r\n\r\nAssessment Administrators\r\n[ACCOUNT_NAME]",
			  "DateCreated": "2011-01-14T14:36:44-05:00",
			  "DateModified": "2011-03-18T14:13:46-04:00",
			  "Uri": "http:\/\/\/api\/EmailTemplates\/42",
			  "RelatedUris": null
		  "Page": 1,
		  "PageSize": 50,
		  "TotalCount": 1,
		  "HasMore": false