Results are the answers submitted by Respondents to questions during an assessment attempt.

Result Object

Object Properties

Property         Type Description
Id Integer The unique Id for the Result
GroupId Integer The Topic Id for the Question associated with this Result
QuesId Integer The Question Id associated with the Result
RespId Integer Unique Respondent Id associated with the Result
Scalar Properties
Answer String The answer provided
DateAnswered Date The date/time the Result was submitted
EarnedPoints Integer Points earned
Essay String Indicates the result is for an essay type Question; Yes, No
EarnedPoints String Points earned for the Result
Marked Integer Indicates the Result was marked for review; Yes, No, Incomplete
MarkedPage Integer The page number of the Marked Questions pages review (if applicable)
ReviewPage Integer The Assessment’s Review page for this Result
Page Integer The page of the Assessment for this Result
Sequence Integer Indicates the order of the questions for this assessment attempt
TotalPoints Integer Total possible points for the Attempt
Type String Identifies the Question Type; Unknown, MultipleChoice, TrueFalse, MultipleSelect, Matching, FillIn, Essay, DropdownSelect, NumericFillIn, RankingOrdering, MultipleFillIn, WeightedMultipleChoic, BranchingMultipleChoic, ChooseOne, AgreeDisagree, ExcellentPoor, AllThatApply, ShortAnswer, Opinion, DropdownChoose, Matrix, NetPromoter, StackingNumericRating, StackingDualNumericRating, BranchingChooseOne, TextualContent.
Navigation Properties
Uri String The fully qualified URI for this resource.
RelatedUris String/String Dictionary The list (dictionary) of related URI’s for this resource.

Result API Calls

Retrieving a Single Result

The following API call will retrieve a single Result by Id.


Sample – HTTP GET


Sample – JSON Response

		  "Results": [
			  "Id": 6084,
			  "RespId": 1437,
			  "QuesId": 10279,
			  "GroupId": 150,
			  "Sequence": 9,
			  "Type": "DropdownChoose",
			  "Page": 3,
			  "MarkedPage": 0,
			  "ReviewPage": 0,
			  "Answer": "Between $10,000 and $20,000",
			  "TotalPoints": 0,
			  "EarnedPoints": 0,
			  "Essay": "No",
			  "Marked": "No",
			  "DateAnswered": "2002-02-22T14:35:23-05:00",
			  "Uri": "http:\/\/\/api\/Results\/6084",
			  "RelatedUris": null
		  "Page": 1,
		  "PageSize": 50,
		  "TotalCount": 1,
		  "HasMore": false