Question Topics are objects that are orelated to a specific assessment. Each assessment may have any number of topics. Each topic may contain any number of questions.

Topic Object

Object Properties

Property         Type Description
Id Integer The unique Id for the Topic.
AssessId String The Assessment Id of the Topic
Scalar Properties
BranchTarget String The target of the End of Topic Action, if applicable. This can be the Id of a target Topic.
BranchType String The “End of Topic Action” property; NextQuestionGroup, TargetQuestionGroup, EndAssessment
DateCreated Date The date the Topic was created..
DateModified Date The date the Topic was last modified.
PassingRequirement String The “Topic Passing Requirement” property for the Topic; None, MustPass
PassingScore Integer The passing score for the Topic.
Name String The Topic name
QuestionPresentation String The presentation mode for the Topic; Sequential, Random, Branching
QuestionsToAsk Integer The number of questions to ask from this Topic
ReferenceId Date The Reference Id value for the Topic
ResourceUrl Date The URI for the resource associated with this Topic
Sequence Integer The sequence that the Topic appears in within the assessment
ShowOnSummary String The “Show On Summary Page” property for the Topic; None, GroupScoreAndComments, GroupScoreOnly, GroupCommentOnly
StartNewPage String The “Start Topic On a New Page” property state for the Topic; Yes, No.
ViewDescriptionOnReview String The “Show Instructions On Review” property for the Topic; Yes, No
Navigation Properties
Uri String The fully qualified URI for this resource.
RelatedUris String/String Dictionary The list (dictionary) of related URI’s for this resource.

Topic API Calls

Retrieving a Single Topic

The following API call will retrieve a single Topic by Id.


Retrieving a Topic’s Questions

The following API call will retrieve a Topic's Questions based on the Id provided


Sample – HTTP GET


Sample – JSON Response

		  "QuestionGroups": [
			  "Id": 149,
			  "AssessId": "COURSE1123",
			  "ReferenceId": "",
			  "Sequence": 1,
			  "Name": "COURSE 1123 EXAM Questions",
			  "QuestionPresentation": "Random",
			  "QuestionsToAsk": 99999,
			  "StartNewPage": "No",
			  "PassingScore": 60,
			  "PassingRequirement": "None",
			  "ResourceUrl": "",
			  "ViewDescriptionOnReview": "No",
			  "ShowOnSummary": "None",
			  "DateCreated": "2002-02-21T14:30:32-05:00",
			  "DateModified": "2007-02-21T09:03:40-05:00",
			  "BranchType": "NextQuestionGroup",
			  "BranchTarget": "",
			  "Uri": "https:\/\/\/api\/QuestionGroups\/149",
			  "RelatedUris": {
		  "Page": 1,
		  "PageSize": 50,
		  "TotalCount": 1,
		  "HasMore": false