Cannot Access Brillium via Laptop or Desktop devices

Brillium software does not discriminate between desktop and mobile devices that access the software, although it will display slightly different variations of screens based on the device screen size. If authors, students, or administrators can access Brillium via a different device (for example a mobile device) but receive an error when accessing Brillium via another device (for example desktop/laptop access results in 504 gateway time-out), it can mean something external to Brillium may be interfering with the connection (i.e. computer, operating system, network, network rules, connection type, etc.).

Operating system upgrades can also create system changes that can result in this type of behavior.  For example, mis-configured or incompatible device and network settings (operating system, Wi-Fi, firewall, etc.) can contribute to errors like this when computer IPv6 network settings are incorrect or incompatible with the current network environment.

Troubleshooting Brillium Access errors

  1. Ensure access to external sites (i.e., or other public sites)
  2. Be sure that DNS settings are correctly resolving the Brillium software domain (i.e. or
  3. Ensure the Brillium URL is correct and uses a secure SSL connection (i.e. begins with "https")
  4. Ensure that local network or WiFi devices are not blocking the connection to the or domains
  5. Ensure that IPv6 settings are not interfering with the connection.
    1. On a macOS, select System Preferences > Network > (select connection) > Advanced > Configure IPv6. Selecting local-link only can sometimes resolve connection issues. NOTE: This setting. can be cchanged when certain operating system upgrades take place.
    2. On Windows operating systems Select Start > Control Panel > Network Connections. Right-click the active local area connection, and then select Properties. Select settings appropriate for the network environment.


Brillium staff cannot provide support for network, operating system, external software, or other environmental factors. For additional assistance and troubleshooting steps, contact an IT support staff member.