User Management

Users are assigned Roles and have access to the functionality of that Role within their organization.

When a User is assigned a Role, they get access to specific application (i.e Assessment Builder).  Users can log into the Brillium platform and will have access to the functionality of the application that corresponds to their Role(s) and Privileges. Administrators have the option to either add a new User or choose to copy an existing User.

To create a new User:

  1. Select Users from the menu.
  2. Select Add New User.
  3. In the Details tab, enter the required fields of First Name, Last Name, and Email.
  4. In the Organization tab, select the team(s) the User should belong to (multiple select).
  5. In the Roles tab:
    1. Select + Add Role
    2. Select the appropriate Role from the dropdown list
    3. Select the appropriate Default Workspace from the dropdown list
  6. Select Save.


The only fields required to create a new User are First Name, Last Name, and Email in the Details tab.

To copy an existing User:

  1. Select Users from the menu.
  2. Locate the desired User from the listing.
  3. Under Actions, select the Copy icon.
  4. In the Details tab, enter First Name, Last Name, and Email.
  5. The Organization and Roles tabs will be populated with values of the original record.
  6. If needed, the populated fields in the Organization and Roles tabs can be changed.
  7. Select Save.


  • From the Users listing page, Users can be sorted and searched for by NameGenderBirth Date, Phone Number, and Organization.  
  • Beneath Actions, administrators can select the appropriate icon to View DetailsCopy, Assign to a Team, or Delete a User.
  • From a User's detail page, administrators can view the details of a User, set their avatar, edit their personal data, re-assign to different Teams, change or delete Roles, and view or change the Default Workspace.
  • An existing User can not be re-assigned to another organization; however, another user with the same email can be created for another organization.