How to Upload and Manage Files with Brillium File Manager

The Files menu is where assessment image and document resources to be used within assessments can be uploaded and managed


Files in Brillium refer to images, documents, multimedia files, and other common document formats that can be uploaded to Brillium and used within Brillium assessments.

Within the Brillium File Manger, folders can be added, and images, sounds, video, multimedia, and other common document formats can be uploaded to those folders.

The file types currently supported are images in the GIF, JPEG, or PNG format, Adobe Acrobat (PDF files), and Microsoft Office (DOC, XLS, PPT files).


Brillium does not require files to be uploaded or otherwise hosted within Brillium, to be used within Brillium assessments. Videos from YouTube and Vimeo can also be embedded via link. Brillium also supports Iframe embed for external objects.

The Files menu item helps to organize those file resources.Folder types are represent the type of folder and what can be done with it,

  • files-solid-folder Solid black folders are system generated, and cannot be moved, renamed, or deleted.
  • files-outlined-folder Outlined white folders are created by Brillium users and can be moved, renamed, or deleted..

Create Folders to Organize

Folders and sub-folders can be created within the Workspace folder. To create a folder:

  1. Click the existing folder where the new folder will be located within
  2. Select + New Folder
  3. Enter a name for the new folder
  4. Select OK


With the exception of the Account Workspace and Shared Resources folders, all other folders can be renamed or deleted by clicking that folder and selecting Rename or Delete.

Upload Files

To upload a file resource:

  1. Select Files from the Brillium menu
  2. Select the folder to upload a file resource into
  3. Select the Select button (you can also click into the Upload New File field)
  4. Select a file from your computer
  5. Choose the Upload button to upload the file to the selected folder

Uploaded files can easily be moved to a new folder location by simply selecting the file and dragging it to another folder. The same action can also be used to relocate folders within the File Manager.

Selecting (right-clicking) a file allows it to be previewed, renamed, or deleted by selecting the appropriate action from the dropdown menu that appears.


Moving, renaming, or deleting any resources or folders breaks the link that exists between them and any assessment on which they appear. If you do perform one of these actions, and you still want the resource to appear, you will need to re-link the resource to the topic, question, or assessment it is used within.

Files can be uploaded to any folder. Outlined folders provide more organizational options as the folder and all files within it can be moved, renamed, or deleted. Simply drag and drop any outlined folder to form one of these actions.


To move a file or folder into another folder, a Brillium user must have the security privileges to do so. When folders and files are moved, they inherit the security rights of the destination folder.

Shared Resources Folder

The Shared Resources folder is a "public" folder accessible to all Brillium Workspaces within a Brillium instance. These files are intended to be shared between workspaces and this feature is especially useful when a Brillium user is designated as the manager of file resources, so that other Brillium workspaces can be restricted from uploading files.