Create Mathematical Equations in Brillium with MathJax

Brillium supports MathJax, allowing assessment authors to create questions that include math equations.

For assessment authors that wish to create questions that contain math equations, it has historically been challenging. Authors of these types of assessment often resort to using  images to display complicated equations.  But this makes it difficult to both author and maintain content.

With the 2020 Brillium upgrade, we modernized the authoring experience with a new rich text editor. We also quietly introduced MathJax support, which brings a new way for assessment authors to create questions and distractors (answer choices) that include math equations. This change replaces Brillium's aging MathML library extensions.

MathJax is a project focused on developing a state-of-the-art, open source, JavaScript platform for the display of mathematics. Among other goals, it makes high-quality display of mathematics notation available to all browsers and requires no special browser setup.

MathJax support is available to all Brillium account types.

MathJax Example in a Brillium Assessment

How to Use MathJax in Brillium

To start using MathJax in Brillium, it needs to be enabled, and new users should familiarize themselves with the notation to construct math equations.

We recommend the following steps for Brillium authors interested in using this functionality:


Brillium Assessment Builder supports only MathJax LaTeX formatted equations. The current implementation does not support MathML input.



Brillium's MathJax implementation references the current MathJax general release directly from MathJax. This means that as MathJax releases updates, Brillium will automatically incorporate those updates. The Brillium support staff may not know when an update will occur and whether that update could affect the display of any equations within Brillium. As such, Brillium staff will not announce MathJax changes prior to their release.

It is highly recommended that you monitor MathJax news for announcements regarding updates, new features, and deprecated features.