Configure Salesforce Connector

Setup Salesforce integration to share assessment results with Salesforce CRM Contacts

The Brillium Salesforce connector enables Brillium to send results to Salesforce CRM and associate them with a Salesforce contact when a respondent completes an assessment.

Setup the Connector

  1. Login to your Brillium Primary Workspace*
  2. Select the Settings menu (gear icon)
  3. Select Integrations from the Settings menu
    Integrations Menu Selection
  4. To enable the Salesforce Integration connector, select + Add New
  5. From the Integration Selector, select Salesforce 
    Salesforce Icon - Selector
  6. Complete the form fields displayed in the screen that follows:
    1. Enter Salesforce User Name to be used with the integration connector
    2. Enter the Salesforce Password associated with the Salesforce User
    3. Enter the Security Token associated with the Salesforce User
    4. Select the Workspace Inherit Access setting:
      1. Yes - will allow all Brillium workspaces to use the Salesforce Connector
      2. No - will restrict the integration to only the current workspace
    5. Select the desired Attach Results As option. This determines the Salesforce record type that will be created and associated to the Salesforce Contact when the assessment results are sent from Brillium.
      1. Salesforce Contact Task - the results will be attached as a Task record
      2. Salesforce Event Activity - the results will be attached as an Activity record
      3. Salesforce Contact Note - the results will be attached as a Note record
        Brillium Salesforce Connector Example Settings
      1. Select a Create Missing Contact? option:
        1. Yes - When the assessment results are sent from Brillium, if the Salesforce contact record does not already exist, a new Salesforce contact record will be created.
        2. No - When the assessment results are sent from Brillium, if the Salesforce contact record does not already exist, no record will be created. Depending on the Salesforce settings, an unresolved item may be created.
      2. Enter a Default Salesforce Account ID. This is configured by your Salesforce Administrator as an account record for Contacts that do not already have a related Account Record (i.e. an account called "Unknown Contacts").
    1. Select the Save button to save your changes.
    2. To test the Salesforce connector settings, select the Test Login button. A message will appear at the top of the screen confirming successful communication between Brillium and Salesforce CRM.

    *NOTE: The Primary Workspace is typically the first (or only) Brillium workspace in your Brillium account. The Primary Workspace is displayed with a crown icon when selecting Settings > Workspaces.

    Configure assessments as normal. When respondents reach the end of an assessment, Brillium will send the data to Salesforce.

    Enable an Assessment For Salesforce Integration

    Once Salesforce integration is configured and tested, a new option appears in Assessment Builder that allows Salesforce Integration to be enabled for a specific assessment.  To enable Salesforce integration for a specific assessment perform he following steps:

    1. Select Assessments from the main menu
    2. Select an assessment form the Assessment listing
    3. In Assessment Builder, select the Integration tab
    4. Select the Yes radio button next to Salesforce Integration to turn on Salesforce Integration for the assessment.
    Integration Tab-Salesforce

    Salesforce Record Types

    The Brillium Salesforce Integration can create 3 different record types

    Salesforce Activity/Event Record

    Salesforce Integration-Event-40

    Salesforce Task Record

    Salesforce Integration-Task-40

    Salesforce Note Record

    Salesforce Integration-Note-40