Brillium Release Notes - 10.2.2021.0124

Feature, Improvement, and Bug Fix Notes

10.2.2021.0124 - January 24, 2021


  • [D-20] In certain circumstances, respondents may receive the error "You have already completed this assessment the number of times allowed." when trying to re-take an assessment

  • [D-16] In specific circumstances, a third party system utilizing the HTTP integration may simultaneously create duplicate empty attempt records

  • [D-14] Certain course configurations may result in incomplete API Result record retrieval
  • [D-12] Sticky Randomization settings can remain when attempting to set House Blend randomization
  • [D-10] Fixed Feedback Summary Screen error message display for object references


  • [D-12] Payment integration improvements
  • [D-7] Improved initialization speed for instances