Brillium API - Respondent Status Codes

When using the Brillium API to develop custom data integrations, web applications or workflows between Brillium and third-party websites and platforms, the Respondent Status codes can be used to enable powerful conditional evaluations and event triggers by providing detailed status messages at a per-respondent level.

Below are the Respondent Status Codes and their associated definitions presented by the Brillium API:

Respondent Status Codes

  • 0 - New respondent, not signed in.
  • 10 - Signed into assessment.
  • 15 - Payment successfully collected.
  • 20 - Confirmation of sign-in complete or not required.
  • 30 - Started answering questions.
  • 35 - Reached last page of questions.
  • 40 - Started answering marked questions.
  • 49 - Clicked the finished button but not scored yet.
  • 50 - Assessment scored and summary page shown.
  • 100 - Logout button clicked, assessment ended.
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