Inserting Login Field Values in Assessment Content

The Brillium assessment engine has a feature that allows assessment authors to insert login and custom field values inside question, instruction, and even button label content.

By placing one or more of the following placeholders in your content, it will be replaced with the actual value either supplied by the respondent or passed in via integration methodologies.

Dynamic Placeholders:

  • [FNAME] - Respondent's First Name
  • [LNAME] - Respondent's Last Name
  • [EMAIL] - Respondent's Email Address
  • [CUST1] through [CUST20] - Custom Field Values
  • [GUID] - Respondent's System Assigned Unique Identifier

Obviously, these placeholders will only populate with the corresponding data if you are collecting these fields upon login to the assessment. If you aren't collecting the respondent's email address, then placing the "[EMAIL]" placeholder will not produce anything in its place.

In the example below, we are placing the respondent's first name and custom field 1 inside question text.

On the login page, the respondent enters their first name and chooses their Instructor (Custom Field 1).

Finally, they will see their login entries within the question text.

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