Resuming an Assessment as a Respondent

By default, assessments may be resumed by a respondent without any special configuration. It just works this way naturally. Below are some details regarding how this feature works and also some special cases to be aware of.

Resuming an Assessment
When a respondent is navigating from page to page within an assessment, their answers are being saved as they go. If the respondent leaves an assessment, by closing their browser window or navigating away, they can come back to the assessment (using the same link they used originally), enter the same credentials, and the system will recognize them and place them back on the page they last left off on.

Sally is taking a 12 question assessment that is configured for 3 questions per page. So, there are 4 question pages total. She chooses her answers on pages 1 and 2 and then clicks the "Next Page" button to navigate to page 3 of questions. Now, realizing she has a meeting to attend, she closes her browser window, locks her computer, and heads off to the meeting. An hour later she returns, clicks on the assessment link, and enters her credentials again. The system will bring her back to page 3 automatically and when she clicks the "Previous Page" button, she will see the answers she submitted an hour ago for pages 1 and 2.

Please note: Any answers she may have selected on page 3 prior to closing her browser window will be lost, as they were not submitted to the server. It takes a click of the "Next Page" or "Previous Page" buttons to save answers on the page you are navigating from.

Special Case 1: Timed Assessments
It is important to know that timed assessments work the same way as above, but the clock does not stop when the respondent closes the assessment. The time is being tracked on the server continuously. If an assessment is resumed and the respondent still has time available to them, they will be given that time to complete the assessment. But if the allotted time has run out when they return, the respondent will have their previously submitted answers scored and they will be sent to the summary page (i.e. end of assessment).

Why Don't We Stop the Clock?
To put it simply, we don't want respondents to take advantage. If a respondent was allowed to stop the clock by closing their browser window, they could simply view a page of questions, close their browser, look up the correct answers, and then come back with those answers. As you can see, this would defeat the purpose of having a timed assessment to begin with.

Special Case 2: Anonymous Assessments
When you are using one of the "yes" options for the assessment's anonymous setting, you are telling the system that you do not wish to personally identify an individual. By doing so, it makes it very difficult to determine when a particular respondent is coming back to resume an assessment. We can't be certain this is the same person that started the assessment earlier.

For this situation, when a respondent launches an anonymous assessment, we place a cookie on their machine with a unique resume code. This cookie only sticks around for one (1) hour. If they come back within an hour of the original sign in, they will be able to resume where they left off. On the other hand, if they come back later, they will have to start the assessment from scratch and their original attempt will remain as an incomplete attempt within the assessment results.

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