Brillium Question Import Template

The Brillium Import Spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel) will allow you to upload questions to an assessment in your Brillium account.

Brillium Question Import Template Instructions

This spreadsheet can be used to prepare and import questions into the Brillium product. Use the following instructions and examples to prepare your questions within this document. Once your questions are ready, use the Brillium question import page to load the questions into an existing assessment.

This import process is capable of importing the most common question types (Multiple Choice, True/False, Fill-In, etc). On the second tab within this spreadsheet are examples of each question type that may be imported. Question types NOT currently supported are Weighted Multiple Choice, Matching, Ranking/Ordering, Multiple Fill-In, Branching Multiple Choice, Matrix, and Branching Choose One.

The third tab in this spreadsheet, named "Questions", is where you MUST place your questions for them to be found by the Brillium import process. Do not rename the tab or change any of the column names or else your questions will not be found by the import process.

Note: If you cannot locate the "Import Questions" button within your assessment editor page, make sure you do not have any existing results for the assessment (even incomplete results will prevent this button from appearing). If you are certain no results exist and this button still doesn't appear, contact Brillium Support.

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