How to Use Invitations and Email Templates

Below is a series of videos that cover the topic of Assessment Invitations within Brillium.  

When you enable Assessment Invitations, you require each respondent to have a unique invitation code.  

How to Enable Assessment Invitations

You can enable Email invitations for any assessment through the following steps:

  1. From the Account Home screen select the Edit icon () icon next to the assessment you wish to enable invitations.
  2. From the Assessment Editor screen that follows, select "Manage Invitations" from the Assessment Control Panel. 
  3. From the "Assessment Invitation Manager" screen that appears next, select "Edit Invitation Options" from the Invitations Control Panel.
  4. On the screen that follows, you'll see the very last option reads: "Require Invitation to Enter Assessment". Change this selection to "No" and you will disable Email invitations.


Introduction to Invitations



Working with Email Templates for Invitations and Reminders



Importing Invitations from a Spreadsheet



Importing Invitations from Another Assessment



Sending Bulk Email Invitations



Determining Invitee Progress

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