Brillium Authoring and Technical Guides

Brillium is a powerful platform for creating tests, quizzes, certification exams, surveys, or any type of instrument where you want to collect information that helps you to understand what people know, think, feel and believe. 
Over the years we've added so many powerful features to the platform, that it can sometimes be difficult to locate all of the related controls and settings to achieve a particular objective.
Who doesn't love a good book?  OK, this doesn't necessarily apply to software user manuals, but it can still be handy to have one within arms reach.  If you like to have an Authoring reference handy, you can view and download the Brillium Authoring Guide here: Brillium Authoring Guide
Do you already have questions you'd like to import?  Do you have other people you'd like to write questions for you for quick upload?  Do you want to take your relationship with MS Excel to the next level?
We have an Excel Import Template that will help you quickly create questions offline and import them into Brillium in a flash. This template supports the most common question types, while facilitating the fast data entry of the row/column spreadsheet format. You can download it here:Brillium Question Import Spreadsheet (XLS)
Have you ever wished you could be in two places at once?
Many times our customers want their data to exist in more than one place or on more than one system. If that is your goal, we have two guides that may interest you.
Our Brillium Integration Guide has technical guidance and examples to help you get data in to and out of Brillium via HTTP (GET or POST), AICC, SCORM and xAPI (TinCan).
Sometimes you just want things your own way.  We get it.
For those that like to dabble in the integration of data on their own terms, we provide the Brillium WebAPI Guide. This guide has technical information for those that want to move data programmatically from Brillium to software platforms that do not accept the AICC, SCORM or xAPI.
Why spend time with the very limited data communicated by AICC and SCORM when the Brillium API can give you or your IT development team access to a wealth of Brillium data?  We say, download the guide and dig in!
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