Custom Designed Certificates

Custom Designed Certificates
If you would like to have Brillium implement a custom designed certificate, please provide your sales or support representative with the following information.

  • A PDF file showing a filled-out version of your custom designed certificate. It should represent exactly what you would like the certificate to look like with the images, backgrounds, signatures, and a sample person's information showing in the dynamic text areas (i.e. those places that will change from respondent to respondent).

  • Another PDF file with all the dynamic text areas removed. In other words, a template we can use to start with and lay the dynamic fields on top of. Images within the PDF should be a minimum of 300dpi.

  • Information we will need to populate the dynamic text areas. If you are pulling information from custom fields, we need to know which custom fields should appear where on the certificate.

  • Details regarding the formatting of any dates on the certificate. Do you want "March 21, 2013", "3/21/2013", or "2013-03-21"?

Email these details to your sales representative or if you don't know who that is.

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