Brillium Technical Requirements

In Brief
Brillium is a Web-based application that only requires a modern Web browser for a vast majority of its functionality. Other software, like a PDF viewer or spreadsheet application, may be necessary to view certain reports or utilize bulk import functionality.

Web Browser Recommendations
Although we strive to support most modern Web browsers, we recommend the following browsers and versions:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer, version 7.0 or higher
  • Google Chrome, all recent versions
  • Apple Safari, all recent versions
  • Mozilla Firefox, all recent versions
  • Opera, all recent versions

Other Browsers
Other Web browsers and versions not listed above will likely work properly with most or all of Brillium s functionality. However, we can only provide technical support for those browsers listed above.

Javascript, Cookies, and SSL
Brillium requires that Javascript, cookies, and SSL are all enabled within your chosen Web browser.

Other Applications
Some of Brillium s functionality, all of it optional, requires additional software on the client machine to work properly. Below are some examples of such applications.

  • PDF Viewer - This software is necessary to view many reports generated within the Brillium software. However, many or all of these reports may also be run in HTML format, but the PDF format is ideal for viewing these reports. We recommend the Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is freely available on Adobe's website and pre-installed with many systems.

  • Spreadsheet Software - This software is necessary to view many reports and data extracts available from Brillium. We recommend Microsoft Excel, but other spreadsheet applications that can read XLS or XLSX formats are also acceptable.

  • Adobe Flash Player - Brillium does not require Flash, but if you decide to include Flash content in your assessments, your respondents will require Flash to view that content.

  • Microsoft Access - One optional feature within Brillium provides a data download in a Microsoft Access native format (*.MDB). This feature is not required to get the full benefits of the Brillium software. Also, the feature only applies to administrators of the system.

  • Other Microsoft Office Applications - Brillium allows you to attach common document types from Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to your Brillium content. If you choose to make use of this feature, then your respondents will need to have the corresponding applications on their client machines to be able to view those attachments. We recommend using PDF files instead of these file types, where possible.

If you are wondering whether a particular browser or software will function with Brillium, please just ask.

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