Exporting the Sub-Account Manager Listing to Excel

There are times where a downloadable spreadsheet version of a list of items on a page is incredibly useful. This is certainly the case with a listing of sub-accounts on the Sub-Account Manger page.

To get a list of sub-accounts, you can now click on the data export button in the upper-right of the "Sub-Account Manager" page.

Once you click the button, it will bring you to the Report Builder for this export. Here you can select the Sort Order and add any filters you'd like to apply to the export. In the sample image below, we've added a filter to only show accounts that start with the letters "MYCOMPANY". The asterisk ("*") character indicates a wildcard meaning anything may come after.

When using wildcards, make sure you choose the "Like" or "Not Like" operators. If you don't, the report builder will match on the asterisk character literally.


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