Email Template Listing

This page displays all the email templates available for communicating with recipients, in large or small numbers, regarding issues such as accessing assessments and courses, and receiving assessment results. 

If you have not created any templates of your own, this page will only contain the default email templates available for copying. (The Default Email Templates are provided as models only and are not editable.) You can, however, create you own templates either by clicking the Add New Email Template button found in the Template Control Panel, or by copying any of the default templates available. Once you have created your own templates, they will be displayed on the lower half of the page, below the Custom Email Templates heading.
To sort the template list, click one of the column heading names. An arrow then appears indicating which column is determining the sorting order and whether the sorting is in alphabetically ascending or descending order. To filter the template list, enter filter criteria in the text boxes below the column heading names, and then click the filter icon found to its right. Click the icon once, and the default filter criteria "Contains" is used; click the icon a second time, and a dropdown menu presents a variety of filters from which you can choose.
To edit, copy, or delete any of the templates you have created, click the appropriate icon found in the Actions column. More help related to the specific action you have chosen will be available on the following page.
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