Report Builder

Report Builder is the dynamic starting point for all reports available throughout Brillium; therefore, the screen presented and the reporting options it displays depend on the report you have chosen to build. Because of that, there are far too many options to provide onscreen help for each one individually, however, the options that are consistent throughout the various reports are explained below. If, beyond that, you need additional help preparing and/or running reports, please consult the Authoring Guide that was provided with your Brillium account as it contains much more detailed information.

Report Format
Select the format in which you wish to run your report. Most reports offer a variety of formats to choose from, although some only offer two, and the Question Answer Analysis Report only offers one.

Sort Order
Sort Order determines how the information on your report will be organized and grouped together. The options presented, if any, are clearly labeled so as to be self-explanatory.

Report Date Range
By default, the starting and ending dates for the Report Date Range are set to include results for the current month only, but you can change these dates to include as few or as many results as suit your purposes.
Include Result Set
The default setting for this option is “Only Most Recent Attempts;” however, you can use the dropdown to select the option most appropriate for your needs. Keep in mind that if you choose to build a reporting filter using “Attempts” as a filter field, the selection you make her should be congruous with that filter.

Although filter options vary, all filters employ the same several selectors to create filter statements. Since the process of creating a filter is, therefore, the same regardless which report you are running, the selectors involved are explained below:
Group - for simple queries, leave this set to group "1." For advanced queries, you may group individual filters together by indicating the same Group numbers. If you specify more than one group for your filters, the separate groups will be "Or"ed together using Boolean logic.
And/Or - only has meaning when you have more than 1 filter statement; choose between viewing results that meet both statement criteria ("And") or results that meet either criterion ("Or").
Field - select the field to which the filter will be applied.
Oper - (Operator) define the specific mathematical relationship you seek with regard to the Value field; for a broader search select "Like" to include all results containing that value, either exactly or in a larger context.
Value - select or enter the Value you wish to match to the Operator.
You can create as many filter statements as desired, but you must click the Add button for each one to make the statement valid. To remove a filter statement, simply click the Remove (Rem) button.

Run Report
Once you have specified all the criteria for your report and are ready to view it, click the Run Report button. It is important to note that the report will open in a separate browser window, so if your web browser is set to "Block Pop-up Windows," it may prevent the report from running. You can overcome this by holding down the Control key on your keyboard when you click the Run Report button, thereby temporarily disabling the pop-up blocker and allowing the report to properly display onscreen. Once the report renders, you should be able to save and print it, but that is completely dependent on your specific browser options. 
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