Proctor Editor

Enter all required data, and the optional data if you wish, and then click the appropriate button at the bottom of the page to either Submit the form, Submit the form and Email the information to the proctor, or Cancel this operation.

Proctor ID
This is the unique identifier the proctor will use when authorizing respondents to complete an assessment. This ID must have a minimum of 3 characters and a maximum of 25 characters, and can use only letters, numbers, and the dash character (-).

New Password
This is the password that must be entered by the proctor, along with the Proctor ID, to authorize a respondent for an assessment.

Re-Type Password
Confirm the password just entered.

Proctor's Name
The proctor’s full name must be entered.

Proctor's Email
It is required to enter the proctor’s email address here.

Secondary Email
A secondary email is not required, but you may wish to use this field for the email address of a supervisor or some other proctor administrator.

Expiration Date
This is the date on which the proctor’s tenure ends. You can leave the default Expiration Date of 12/31/3000 to designate the assignment as unending.

Can View Results of Proctored Assessments?
Select "Yes" to allow proctors to view results - as presented on the Respondent Edit screen - generated by test takers under their watch. To prevent proctors from accessing the Respondent Edit screen, select "No."

Can Modify Results of Proctored Assessments?
Select "Yes" to allow proctors to view and modify results generated by test takers under their watch, as presented in the options available on the Respondent Edit screen. To prevent proctors from modifying results from the Respondent Edit screen, select "No."

Proctored Enabled?
Leave the default setting of "Yes" to allow proctors to continue serving in their role as proctors. To terminate a proctor’s tenure, select “No.”

Require Password Change?
If proctors are not required to change the password stipulated on this form, leave the default setting of "No." To require proctors to change the password, select "Yes."

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