Invitation Options Editor

The Invitation Options Editor allows you to select invitation and reminder email templates to use for this assessment. Simply open one of the dropdown menus to view and select an available template from those that have been created for this account, or to which this account has been given access.
To modify an existing template, or to create your own, click the Edit Templates button to open the Email Template Listing. From there you can view all invitation and reminder templates currently available, create a new email template, and access additional help. 
Once you are finished adding, editing, copying, or deleting email templates, click the Invitation Options link on the breadcrumb trail (or the Go Back button) to return to the Invitation Options Editor from where you will be able to select the newly created email template.
If you would like to mandate that respondents receive an invitation in order to access the assessment, select "Yes" from the Require Invitation to Enter Assessment option at the bottom of the screen. Respondents will then only be able to launch the assessment from a link within an emailed invitation or reminder. If you select "No" for this option, respondents will be able to launch the assessment either from an invitation email or by accessing the generic assessment link.
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