Course Item Editor

Enter all required data (fields marked with an asterisk), and the optional Item Description if you wish, and then press the Submit button at the bottom of the form.

Item Name
Use a descriptive name that will help respondents identify what type of material is being covered within the course item. You may use up to 100 characters.

Item Description
This can be as full a description of the item as you wish, containing much more detail than the Item Name alone. You can type the description directly into the text field, or copy and paste information into this field from a word processor or HTML editor.

Note: A course item consists either of an assessment, in which case you should enter an Assessment ID and Password, or a web address, in which case you should enter a URL. Do not enter both. If you do, you will receive an error message when you click Submit.

Assessment ID and Password
Enter the Assessment ID and Password of a Brillium assessment that is available within the same Brillium installation. Be sure to enter the information exactly as it was created within the Brillium interface, or the respondent will not be able to access this course item.

Important Note: Any assessment used as an item in a course MUST have the Application Integration option set to Course Module. (This setting can be found by clicking Advanced Options on the Assessment Control Panel.)

Web Address
Enter a fully qualified URL that points to a web page or website, such as

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