Course Editor

Enter all required data, and any optional data you wish, and then press the Submit button at the bottom of the form.

Course ID
This is the unique identifier for this course. This identifier will be used throughout the course module to refer to this course and its items, respondents, and results. This ID may contain letters, numbers, and dashes (-), up to a maximum of 25 characters. 

Course Name
This is a required field. Use a descriptive name that will help respondents identify the type of material being covered within the course. 

Course Description
This can be as full a description of the course as you wish, containing much more detail than the Course Name alone. You can type the description directly into the text field or copy and paste information into this field from a word processor or HTML editor.

Passing Requirements
This setting indicates how the course module will determine passing and failing for the course. Choose "No Requirements" if there is neither passing nor failing criteria to be met, rather respondents must simply complete the course. Choose "All Scores Must Pass" if respondents must achieve a passing score on each assessment within the course. Choose "Average Score Must Pass" if respondents only need to achieve an average score that is equal to or greater than the Passing Score indicated in the following option. 

Passing Score
This field only has meaning if you choose "Average Score Must Pass" in the option above. Indicate the score that will allow respondents to pass the course provided the average of all their assessment meets or exceeds that score. 

Single Click Entry
This option is only useful for courses that contain no more than one course item. Setting this to “Yes” will bring respondents directly into the one course item, circumnavigating the course item listing. Setting this to "No" means that respondents will be shown the course item listing before beginning any of the course items. 

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