Assessment Results Download

Near the top of the Assessment Results Download screen you will see the Assessment ID and Owner Account ID for the results you are viewing. Beneath that are the following options:
Download Selection
From the dropdown, choose whether to download data for "Only This Assessment," "All Assessments (This Account)," or "All Assessments (This Account and Sub-Accounts)." Keep in mind that downloading a large number of assessments may take a significant amount of time depending on the total number of respondents in those assessments; however, you can limit the results by selecting a specific date range in the "From Date" and "Thru Date" options, below.
Note:  If you select "All Assessments (This Account and Sub-Accounts)", you will only be able to download the comma-delimited text file. The Microsoft Access 2000 file format is not available with this selection.
Download Format
You can download the assessment data in a summary or detail format. The summary format is created as a comma-delimited text file that is compatible with all major spreadsheet and database programs, such as Microsoft Excel. The detail format is created as a Microsoft Access 2000 database file. You must be running Microsoft Access 2000 or later to open this file.
From & Thru Dates
If desired, enter a From Date and Thru Date to limit the results to a specific time period. If you would like to download all results for this assessment, enter a From Date that you are certain precedes the date the assessment first became available, and then enter today's date as the Thru Date.
ZIP For Delivery
If you would like the download file zipped (compressed) before you download it, check this box. This results in smaller, quicker downloads. If you would like the download file uncompressed, leave this box unchecked. This results in a larger, slower download that does not require unzipping.
Once the Submit button is clicked, you will see the name of the file you are downloading, the format you selected for the download, the size of the file.  The approximate download time estimated is also displayed.
Click the Download Now link to download the file.  Depending on your web browser, a dialog box may appear asking if you would like to Open or Save the file.  
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