Summary Report Builder - Load Existing Summary Report

The Load Existing Summary Report screen allows you to select reports to edit, delete, or run. Use the Existing Reports dropdown to select the report that you wish to work with. If you cannot locate the report in this box the report may not yet exist within this account, or it may have been deleted.

To edit the selected report, click the Load button to the right of the dropdown box to bring up the report fields. Make any changes desired to the appropriate report fields, and click either the Save button to save the report or the Save & Run button to not only save the report, but to execute it as well. 
Once you have loaded the report, you can choose to delete the report entirely from the system by clicking the Delete button at the bottom of the page.
Warning: Once you click the Delete button, no further confirmation warning will be shown, and the action cannot be undone.
To run a report without first editing it, simply click the Run button found to the right of the Load button.
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