Summary Report Builder - Build New Summary Report

To create a new Summary Report start by entering a Report Name, and then select a File Format from the dropdown list. There are three formats to choose from: HTML, which will be created and shown within your web browser as an HTML table; CSV, which once created will present a dialog box prompting you to either Open or Save the report, typically using your default spreadsheet program; and XML reports, which will be created and shown within your web browser as an XML document. (The XML format is intended for technical users that wish to include the report in a database or reporting tool other than a spreadsheet.)
Once you enter a name and select a format, use the Report Fields to select headings for the columns on your report. There are ten fields with dropdown lists, which are self-explanatory. You can use as few or as many headings as suit your needs. The *Edit Button* selection is a special field applicable only to HTML reports. When selected on an HTML report, it presents a button for that field that will drill-down into the respondent's record, allowing you to perform any action on the respondent as if you were using the Edit button on the Score Summary page.
Use the Report Criteria section to designate which records will appear on the report. For example, to only see respondents who have "samplecorp" within their email address, select "Email Address" from the Field dropdown list, select "Like" from the Oper (for "Operator") dropdown, and enter "*samplecorp*" in the Value field. Notice the use of the asterisks as wildcard characters. Thus "*samplecorp*" will match any email address with "samplecorp" appearing anywhere within the email address string.
Finally, use the Report Sorting section to select which fields, if any, will be used for sorting, in what priority, and in what order. For example, if you would like to sort by Last Name and then First Name in ascending order (from A to Z), then select "Last Name" from the Sort By 1 dropdown, "First Name" from the Sort By 2 dropdown, and "Asc" in the second column dropdown. 
When you have built the report to your specifications, click the Save button to save the report or the Save & Run button to not only save the report, but execute it as well.
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