Assessment Creator

Assessment ID
Select an identifier for this assessment that is unique throughout the entire account. You may use a maximum of 25 characters that include letters, numbers, and dashes (-). Respondents will use this to sign into the assessment.

IMPORTANT:  Once created, the Assessment ID can be changed, but the link to the assessment will also change with it, so if you give the assessment link out to 1000 respondents and then change the Assessment ID (or Assessment Password), the link given to those respondents will no longer be valid. You will need to update the link, most likely by notifying those respondents via email or other communication mechanism.

Provide an Assessment Password in the password dialog box. The password must then be re-typed in the dialog box below to ensure that it was typed correctly the first time. The password will not be shown on the page as you type, but instead will be represented, typically by asterisks or solid dots.

Assessment Import
Click the double-down arrow to the right to expand the box and indicate the XML file you would like to import, along with any password associated with it. If you enter the wrong password for the import file, your assessment will not be created.

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