Advanced Options Editor - Certificate Options

Important Note: This is an optional feature. Brillium has the ability to link custom designed certificates to assessments, but there are several tasks that need to be performed on the Brillium installation to enable this functionality, so you will typically not see custom-designed certificates with a new installation.

Certificate Presentation
If no certificate will be associated with this assessment, leave this option set to "None." If a certificate will be presented, select from the various options in the dropdown menu to determine who will receive one (all respondents or only those who pass the assessment) as well as how it will be presented ("Display," "Email," or "Display & Email").

The "Display" option will present a link to respondents upon completion of the assessment. Clicking the link will display a PDF certificate in a new browser window from which respondents may either print, save, or email the certificate using their PDF viewer application (Adobe Acrobat Reader recommended).

The "Email" option will generate the PDF certificate automatically and email it to respondents, using the email address specified when they signed into the assessment.

Certificate Style
Use this dropdown list to select the correct certificate style (or template) to be used. The certificate styles listed are those specifically designed for your use by the Brillium support staff. Other, more generic styles may be available as well.

Certificate Name
Enter any text that you wish to display as the title or name of the certificate being awarded.

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