Assessment Editor

The Assessment Editor screen is divided into 4 main sections: the 2 sections on the top part of the screen focus on the assessment you are working with, while the 2 sections on the bottom focus on the questions and question groups within that assessment. 

Look at the top portion of the Assessment Editor. Toward the left is the Assessment Information panel; it provides information about the assessment you are currently working with, starting with the Assessment ID and Name. Within the Assessment Information panel, there are three possible Activated Status settings: Enabled, which means the assessment is available for taking (as long as the Start Date and End Date are not out of range); Disabled, which means the assessment is not available and respondents will not be able to sign into it (although, if respondents are already inside the assessment when the Disable button is clicked, they will not be kicked out); and Archived, which means the assessment is not available for taking and the assessment will only appear within the Archived Assessments list on the account Home page. You may toggle between these settings by merely clicking the appropriate button.

Beneath the Assessment Information panel is the Assessment Question Information panel; it provides information about all the question groups and individual questions contained in the assessment, and provides access to the accompanying set of Action icons. To verify the action associated with any of the icons, click the small "i" to access the Actions legend. Alternatively, you can click directly on any question group or question text to open its particular editor page. 

For both Information panels there are corresponding Control Panels; they appear on the right-hand side of the screen. By clicking the appropriate buttons contained in these panels, you will be able to modify, manage, and administer all of the features related to the particular assessment you are viewing. For more information related to any of the options contained in either the Assessment Control Panel or the Question Control Panel, click the option, and then access the context help related specifically to that function by clicking the question mark icon on that particular page.

Tag Cloud: The Tag Cloud appears below the Question Control Panel only if text has been entered in the Content Tag field offered on every Question Editor screen. Its purpose is to organize questions by correlating them to one or more identifiers placed in the Content Tag field. The more times an identifier is used, the larger it becomes in the Tag Cloud. Simply click a word, or identifier, in the Tag Cloud, and every question that has been flagged as containing that identifier will appear in the Assessment Question Information panel.

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