Assessment Security Editor

From the Assessment Security Editor, you can grant this sub-account access to assessments that reside in other accounts and sub-accounts, and then determine the level of security that governs that access.
Begin by opening the dropdown menu to see which accounts you can access from the sub-account you are currently working with, keeping in mind that you will not be able to access accounts that are at a higher level on the account hierarchy. Once you have identified the account that owns the assessment you wish to provide access to, click Submit to continue to the second page of the Assessment Security Editor. 
The first option allows you to select one assessment, or "all" assessments, from the Assessment ID dropdown near the top of the page. Then you can begin assigning or denying a variety of rights to the sub-account with regard to the assessment(s) selected. To allow the sub-account the right to perform specific actions, click the associated radio button found in the Yes column. To deny the sub-account the right to perform specific actions, click the associated radio button found in the No column. If you wish to either deny or assign all the rights on this page to this sub-account, click either the All No button or All Yes button respectively, both of which are found near the bottom of the screen on the right-hand side. 
Respondent Result Filters
To define and/or limit which results this sub-account will be able to view, construct a filter using the Custom Fields available in the dropdown menus. Note: These Custom Fields are the ones associated with the account the assessment lives in, not the sub-account you are currently working with. 
Choose the radio button associated with the And/Or option, select the appropriate operator, referring to the list below, and then enter any Value that has meaning to you. When you are satisfied with the security settings on this page, click Submit to implement the changes.
Below is a list of operator meanings:
= is equal to
<> is not equal to
> is greater than
>= is greater than or equal to
< is less than
<= is less than or equal to
Like is like this pattern
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