Granted Security for Account

This page displays a listing of all assessments, and the accounts in which they reside, that the account named at the top of the screen has been given access to. 

To give the selected sub-account access to a new assessment, click the Add Assessment Access button located in the Security Control Panel. 
To view and/or edit the security privileges that the selected sub-account has already been given to any of the assessments listed, click the edit icon located in the Actions column. 
To copy the security settings of one assessment so as to duplicate those security settings for another assessment, click the copy icon, select the desired assessment from the Account Owning Assessment dropdown on the next page, and then click Submit to view the settings just assigned.
To delete an assessment so that it is no longer available to the selected sub-account, click the delete icon found in the Actions column, and then either confirm or cancel the deletion using the appropriate button found on the pop-up warning screen.
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