Search & Replace Wizard, Part 4

Use this page of the Search & Replace Wizard to individually review and/or edit each occurrence of the searched for text.

Result Record
This indicates the number of records (and occurrences) that have been located and implemented. Note: It is common to have more occurrences than records as each result record can contain more than one occurrence of the searched text.

Search For
Displays the text that was entered in the Search For field on the first page of the Wizard.

Account ID
Displays the ID of the current account, which is the account that owns the record being edited.

Assessment ID
Displays the ID of the assessment in which the location specified resides. This has no meaning for records that are found on an account level.

Indicates the type of record in which each occurrence was found and displays the ID of that record as it exists within the database.

Original Text
Shows the original text of the record where the occurrence was found, with the matching text highlighted in yellow.

New Text
Shows the proposed text that will replace the original text once the Submit button is clicked. This text may be amended by typing directly into the text box provided prior to clicking the Submit & Next button and proceeding to subsequent result records.

While viewing any record, click the Undo button to revert the text back to the original text. Click the Go Back button at any time to abandon the review and return to the second page of the Wizard.

WARNING:  Once the replacements have been implemented, there is no way to undo all of them at once. You can, however, individually amend the text in the New Text field with the content of the original text, or you can perform a new Search & Replace, this time searching for the replacement text and reverting it to the original text.

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