Default Settings Editor - Advanced Assessment Default Settings

Application Integration
This option allows you to integrate Brillium into an existing application. For more information about this option, refer to the Brillium Authoring Guide and the Brillium Integration Guide.

Entry Hash Password
Enter the password that will be sent via Form Post or QueryString to authenticate respondents and allow them to sign into an assessment. This is different from the Assessment Password and should only be entered when an Entry Hash will be provided. Reference the Brillium Integration Guide for more information.
Proctor Required
If you would like to require a proctor to enter an assigned Proctor ID and Password before respondents may begin an assessment, select "Yes.” If no proctor login is required for assessments, select "No."
Result Send Method
Select the method by which results will be sent back to the tracking website or database. Reference the Brillium Integration Guide for more information.
Result Send URL
Enter the URL of the page to which respondents’ results will be sent upon completion of an assessment; for example, ""
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