Default Settings Editor - General Assessment Default Settings

Assessment Mode
This setting specifies how assessments will be delivered to respondents and what navigational options will be available to them while they are completing the assessment. See the Brillium Authoring Guide for more information.

Show Save Information Checkbox
To allow respondents to save their login information for future assessment sessions, select “Yes.” If you do not want respondents to be able to save login information, select “No.”
Allow Printing Copy Before Start
Select "Yes" to allow respondents to print hardcopies of assessments prior to answering questions online. Select "No" to prevent respondents from printing hardcopies of assessments. This feature is most commonly used when an assessment is being used as a study guide, or in cases where there is a shared kiosk computer necessitating that a portion of respondents complete a paper version of the test.
Group Presentation
If you would like question groups randomized so as to be presented in a different order to each respondent, select “Random.” If you would like question groups presented in their existing order, select “Sequential.”

Note:  This does not affect whether individual questions within question groups are randomized. To specify whether questions are randomized, use the Question Presentation setting found in the Question Group Editor.
Number of Questions Per Page
Enter the number of questions to be displayed on a single page. Select a number from 1-10.
Require Respondents to Answer
Indicate which question types must be answered. If respondents are not required to answer any questions, select "Nothing Required." If respondents must answer either all test type questions (but not survey type questions) or vice versa, select "Only Test Type Questions" or “Only Survey Type Questions.” If respondents are required to answer every question on assessments, select “All Questions.”
Passing Grade/Score
Enter the score, expressed as a percentage, that will result in respondents achieving a passing grade on assessments.
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