Contact Information Custom Field Editor

The Contact Information Field is unique in that it allows you to collect a host of information under the umbrella of only 1 custom field. While this field cannot be deleted, it can be disabled so that none of the fields found on this page will be displayed to respondents.

If you choose to enable this page, you can display as few or as many of its fields as you wish by selecting from the following 4 options:
  • "Not Required" - the field is presented, but respondents choose whether to enter a value or leave it blank.
  • "Required" - the field is presented, and respondents are required to enter information in it. 
  • "Hidden Field" - the field is pre-populated with information that is not displayed to respondents.
  • "Displayed Field" - the field presents visible, pre-populated, uneditable information.
In addition, several fields present a validation dropdown from which you can choose to either leave the default of "No Validation," or require respondents to enter the appropriate type of information by selecting from the specific validating options presented in the dropdown menus, all of which are self-explanatory.

Finally, select your Case Preference. You can choose to leave text "As Entered," or you can convert all text, regardless how it is entered, to either "UPPER CASE," "lower case," or "Proper Case," meaning that the first letter of each word will be capitalized.
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