Conditional Feedback Editor

Assessment ID

Indicates the assessment with which you are currently working.


This is a required field. Enter a descriptive name for the feedback that accurately represents what purpose it is intended to serve.

Feedback Trigger

This setting determines the circumstances under which respondents will receive the feedback provided. The default setting of “ALL Conditions Must Be True” means that respondents will receive the feedback only if every condition specified is met. (This setting only has meaning if there is more than one condition.) Setting the trigger to "Any of the Conditions Must Be True" means that respondents will receive the feedback whenever any one of the conditions specified is met, even if other specified conditions are not.

Add New Condition

The first dropdown menu is the dynamic starting point for all feedback. This will determine the criteria on which your feedback will be based, as well as the subsequent options available to you. (Keep in mind that “Question Tag Score” and “Number of Passed Question Tags” only have meaning when tags have been associated with questions in the assessment. To learn more about tags, look up Tag Cloud in the general Help area found on the Assessment Editor page or Content Tags in the Additional Question Options Help section found on any Question Editor page.)

You can create as many conditions as desired, but you must click the Add button for each one to make the statement valid.


Once you have created a condition, it will appear here. Change the order of conditions or delete them using the Actions icons to the right.

Feedback Title

This optional field allows you to enter any title you desire to simply identify a feedback condition, to help build paragraphs from individual conditions, or, conversely, to keep individual conditions separated within the same information block.

Feedback Text (Match)

Enter any text in this required field that provides feedback you deem useful. Feedback Text may be general and brief or very specific, and can be used for many things, such as commending respondents who demonstrate success on a given topic, flagging a question group relevant to a specific supervisor, generating feedback in response to a particular answer on a test question, or even providing commentary to people from a certain region or office.

Feedback Text (No Match)

Use this optional field to provide feedback to those who do not meet the criteria established in a condition. If this field is left blank, no text will be displayed to those who do not match the condition specified.

Feedback Audience

Select any or all of the options presented by clicking the checkbox next to each one.

Feedback Position

Determine where you want the feedback to reside on the Assessment Summary screen in order to maximize its impact. (Feedback will reside in the same position in result emails if you have enabled the Allow Emailing Results option.) When used in tandem with the Feedback Title option, this feature is especially helpful for building paragraphs and/or providing detailed feedback either separately or in a block.

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