Conditional Feedback Listing

This page displays all the feedback conditions created for a particular assessment and provides access to the accompanying set of Action icons. To verify the action associated with any of the icons, click the small "i" to access the Actions legend.

To sort the conditional feedback list, click one of the column heading names. An arrow then appears indicating which column is determining the sorting order and whether the sorting is in alphabetically ascending or descending order. To filter the feedback list, enter filter criteria in the text boxes below the column heading names, and then click the filter icon found to its right. Click the icon once, and the default filter criteria "Contains" is used; click the icon a second time, and a dropdown menu presents a variety of filters from which you can choose.

To add a new condition, click the Add New Feedback link found in the Feedback Control Panel. To edit any of the conditions you have already created, click the pencil and paper icon found in the Actions column. More help will be available on the Feedback Editor page. To delete a condition, click the red x icon. A pop-up window will appear warning you that once you complete the deletion, the action is unalterable.

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