Question Editor - Multiple Fill-In Question Options

Assessment ID
Indicates the assessment with which you are currently working.

Reference ID
This optional field allows you to insert a custom ID for the question that can be used in searches and report filters to locate the question later on. Enter any ID you desire that will help you find and access this question at any time.

From the dropdown menu, choose which Question Group to put this question into. If you have not added any question groups to the assessment, you will only be able to choose from the Main Question Set or UNASSIGNED QUESTIONS, the latter being questions that are NOT displayed to respondents.

Enter the number of points this question is worth using an integer value from 0 to 999. The total point values of all questions on the assessment DO NOT need to add up to 100.

Note: If you are going to allow Partial Credit, you must be certain to assign more than 1 point to this question as the assessment engine cannot award fractions.

Question Text
In a Multiple Fill-In question you place up to five blank textboxes directly within the question text. To do so, enter three underscore characters together ("___") at each specific point where you want an answer textbox to be drawn. Respondents will then be able to visualize where the answers belong and review the answers contextually, in their proper place.

Enter up to 5 possible correct answers, using the Answer Blanks provided. The number of blank textboxes in the question text and the number of Answer Blanks in which you enter answers MUST be the same.

Allow Misspelling: If you would like to accept misspelled words, check this option. Brillium will employ a Soundex algorithm that will match incorrectly spelled answers to the correct answers based on the phonetic value of their sound.

Allow Partial Credit: If you would like respondents to receive partial credit for identifying some of the right answers, check this option. Brillium uses a specialized matching algorithm to ensure respondents don't simply check all answers to get full credit each time. Correctly unchecked answers weigh evenly with correctly checked answers when calculating partial credit.

Allow Comments: If you would like to present a small textbox below this question in which respondents can leave comments or feedback regarding this question, check this option.

Use this feature to select a resource to display with this question. You may enter a URL for any logo or image you wish to use, such as Alternatively, you may select a resource by clicking the button to the right of the field to present a dropdown list of resources you have uploaded using the Manage Resources button located on the account Home page.

Note: This toggle button will either be labeled "Use Resource" or "Use External" depending on whether you have chosen to use an external resource or a resource uploaded to Brillium respectively.

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