Question Type Selector

Choose a question from the various selections below, mixing and matching freely among the different questions and the different question types. (Keep in mind that Branching Question Types can only be used when the Assessment Mode has been set to "Branching, Forward Only.") To see an example of any of the questions featured, click the radio button next to it, and then click the Preview button at the bottom of the screen.

Test Question Types
These are questions for which there are correct and incorrect answers. Use these question types if you are building a test, quiz, or assessment.
Survey Question Types
These are question types for which there is NO correct answer. Use these question types if you are building a survey or opinion study.
Content Types
These allow you to present any type of stand-alone textual, graphic or audio/visual content. Use this question type to present isolated information unaccompanied by any question(s) at all.
Branching Question Types
These are questions that create a unique testing environment for different respondents by basing the questions they are given on the answers they provide. Use this question type if you wish to determine and construct your own navigational paths through the assessment.
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