Question Import

Use this page to upload questions to this assessment. Allowable formats are Brillium XML, Brillium Import Spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel), and Questionmark QTI. If you would like to upload using the Brillium Import Spreadsheet template for Microsoft Excel, you can download that file from the link at the top of the import page.

Important Note: Only Brillium XML supports all question types currently offered by Brillium. For information regarding which question types are supported by the other 2 formats, check your Authoring Guide.

Import Transaction ID
This is the unique identifier for the import transaction. If you have questions about an import or require technical support, please reference this Transaction ID when contacting the support staff.

Import File
Use this file locator to browse for and select the import file you would like to upload to the assessment. Brillium currently supports IMS QTI format (.xml) and Brillium's Microsoft Excel Import Template (*.xls). If Brillium does not recognize the file format you are uploading, it will notify you via the import log once the file has been analyzed.

If needed, enter the Password required to decrypt the import package you are uploading. This is only applicable with the Brillium XML Version 1.0 format, as the other two formats do not support password encryption.

Merge with Existing Questions
This option allows you to limit a question import to only those questions that have been edited or modified in some way, provided the Question ID remains the same. The default setting for this option is “No,” meaning that all questions in the chosen file will be imported. To take advantage of this option, select “Yes” in which case all questions that Brillium recognizes as having changed will be imported, and they will replace, or overwrite, the questions with the same ID that currently exist.

Import Results
NOTE: This only appears after you click the Import button.
This field indicates whether an import is successful. If an import is only partially successful, the results will indicate what percentage of questions were successfully imported.

Import Log
NOTE: This only appears after you click the Import button.
Once the import file has been processed, click the link to view the import log. This will provide a detailed account of which questions were imported successfully, which were not, and why.

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