Question Group Editor - Question Group General Options

Assessment ID
Indicates the assessment with which you are currently working.

Group Name
This is a required field. Enter a descriptive name for this group that you can choose to include on the top of every page associated with it to remind respondents of the group name and/or topic.
Reference ID
This optional field allows you to associate this question group with a textual identifier that can be used as search criteria later on. Enter any ID you desire that will help you find and access this question group at any time.
Question Presentation
Choose whether questions in this group will be presented in "Sequential" or "Random" order. If branching is enabled for this assessment, a question presentation of "Branching" will also be available. Only question groups with a presentation of "Branching" will be allowed to contain branching type questions.
Question to Ask
Enter the number of questions to present to each test taker from among all the questions in this question group. This setting is typically used in combination with the "Random" option above to create a unique testing experience for each respondent.
Group Instructions
Enter any instructions you would like. They will be displayed on every page in this question group. You may type directly in the text field, or click the rich text editor for more formatting options. In addition to text, you may input HTML formatted text in order to provide links, reference material, etc.
Start Group on New Page
Select "Yes" to begin each question group on a fresh page. Select "No" to begin each question group below the last question of the previous question group.  

Note: A “No” selection will be overridden if the setting for “Number of Questions Per Page” necessitates that question groups begin on a new page anyway.
Show Group Name to Respondent
Select "Yes" to display the Group Name on each page of the question group. Select "No" to omit the name, thus preventing respondents from associating the questions within the group to a particular topic.
Show Instructions on Review
Select "Yes" to display question group instructions on the Assessment Review page, accessed at the end of the assessment by clicking the “Review Results” button, provided this option has been selected. Select "No" if you do not want group instructions to appear on the Assessment Review page.
Use this feature to select a resource to display with this question group. You may enter a URL for any logo or image you wish to use, such as Alternatively, you may select a resource by clicking the button to the right of the field to present a dropdown list of resources you have uploaded using the Manage Resources button located on the account Home page.

Note: This toggle button will either be labeled "Use Resource" or "Use External" depending on whether you have chosen to use an external resource or a resource uploaded to Brillium respectively.
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